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11 Joy Street
EX31 1BS

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9:00am - 5:30pm Monday to Saturday
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Quality products at a good price and great service

I recently bought a couple of coats for my dogs, they were cheaper than the ones in the market, much better quality and the staff in the shop were really helpful over the sizing.

By Juice Reducers at 17:20 on 20/03/14

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Creature Comforts has everything you need for your pets; especially the dog food!

We have all the pets food, toys, treats & accessories you could think of and the best dog food you'll find anywhere

Welcome to Creature Comforts.

We're a friendly pet shop in Barnstaple offering a huge range of pets and products and none more so than our high meat content, naturally preserved, hypo-allergenic dog food, Nature's Way.

Because of its all-natural nature, Nature's Way dog food is one of the best things you can feed your dog to keep them healthy and happy.

This high meat content dog food is packed with

100% natural ingredients & absolutely no preservatives, additives or flavourings, doesn't contain any salt, added sugar or chemicals of any kind and includes three sources of omega 3 and 6 oils plus prebiotics for healthy digestion & Joint aid supplements for mobility, Superior quality meats are used and all the recipes are dairy and wheat free to avoid any allergies or food intoerances. Just 100% natural, healthy dog food for healthy dogs.

Choose from lamb, meat, fish or chicken meats, and even our puppy range (for optimal nutrient absorption in puppies) or our mature/light range for arthritic dogs with added mobility nutrients.

Keep your dog healthy and happy with the best dog food available anywhere from Nature's Way.

Find out more about our dog food by visiting our website via the link above now.


4 Reviews of Creature Comforts

  • Profile image for Barney_Bloggs

    Creature Comforts in Boutport St Barnstaple


    This is a really good pet shop. It sells animals who always look well cared for as well as all the food, health goods, housing and bedding you will need for your pets. They really know their stuff here and are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended. They have another shop in Joy Street which doesn't have pets but sells a good range of dog and cat food, beds and toys.

    By Barney_Bloggs at 09:06 on 29/03/10

  • Profile image for philippa_hall

    creature comforts boutport street


    Telephoned the shop first to check they had a good choice of guinea pigs in. The man was really helpful and went through all the guinea pigs they had in the shop and also whatthey were being fed. When we went down to the shop, there was a lady and the man I had spoken to on the phone. They were both really helpful and really cared about the animals. The shop is clean and the animals are all clean and look happy

    By philippa_hall at 13:04 on 27/03/10

  • Profile image for Nonnie_Mouse

    Creature Comforts


    Great Shops - we use the one on Boutport Street most and the man is really helpful and friendly. He also cares very much for the animals. Highly recommended.

    By Nonnie_Mouse at 08:01 on 11/01/10


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