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    I have always found the roundabout by Leaderflush Shapland's to be quite dangerous. For some reason people are always pulling out from the town side without looking properly. I have seen several near misses. The frustration of traffic building up around the PC World and Tesco car parks is bound to add to this problem. Who is responsible? Is it Tesco or the Council?

    By grannygreen at 10:12 on 15/02/11

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    Yes, traffic is now a real problem. It is obvious that little thought was given to this during the planning stage for the new Tesco store. Something must be done about it. People are getting angry.

    By Poetall at 13:03 on 14/02/11

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    Lots of people are complaining about the traffic problems at the new Tesco. Must say it was a bit confusing even finding the entrance - not very clearly signposted. They should have created an entrance for traffic at the other side of the store.

    By Barney_Bloggs at 11:53 on 14/02/11

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    While its a great store and handy for me, by god the traffic now at the bottom by halfords roundabout it terrible, and trying to get out of the pc world carpark is so damn dangerous. Perhaps a light system should be implimented.

    By fionalaing at 11:02 on 12/02/11

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