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Groups Nonnie_Mouse Created


    Shopping in Barnstaple!

    We love to shop. This is the group to share your shopping experiences in Barnstaple. Bargains, customer service, new shops, shops closing down ...

    100 members


    Wildlife and Nature

    Walking, birdwatching, countryside, all things outdoors!

    36 members


    Eating and Drinking

    Cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs and your favourite recipes

    53 members


    Go on, make us laugh!

    OK, if you think it's funny - share it with the rest of us. Jokes, stories, whatever ...

    27 members


    Performing Arts

    News, events and workshops from North Devon Theatres, North Devon Festival and Fringe, Am Drams.

    39 members

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Groups Nonnie_Mouse Joined

  • Profile image for Barnstaple People


    Get the latest crime news, community information and general goings on in Barnstaple

    26 members

  • Profile image for Barnstaple People


    Get the latest weather forecast for Saltash, and join in the conversation

    27 members

  • Profile image for Barny_People

    Barnstaple Christmas and New Year

    Here is a group for all Barnstaple's seasonal goings on and photos to illustrate it!

    67 members

  • Profile image for Barny_People

    North Devon Council

    All the news from and about your district council

    33 members

  • Profile image for Lilly_Byer

    Barnstaple Education, Schools, Colleges

    News from Barnstaple's schools and colleges. Post your achievements and events here.

    49 members

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