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Groups Elise_Editing Created


    Snow Advice

    For the town's emergency plans for times of heavy, weather warnings of snow to come, advice and discussion about coping with snow.

    3 members


Groups Elise_Editing Joined

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    Barnstaple Restaurants

    A group for everyone to discuss their favourite food places in Barnstaple

    42 members

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    Get all of the latest Barnstaple Events news and join the discussion on the Barnstaple

    187 members

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    Gardening hints and tips for Barnstaple People.

    24 members

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    Get the latest council news, community information and general goings on in Saltash

    38 members

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    Barnstaple Blogs

    Here is a group for Barnstaple Bloggers. Write about what you like - there are plenty of people out there just waiting to read your blogs.

    132 members

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Miranda Piercy

Why I like Barnstaple

Friendly folk. It's the great escape from the rat race. Being near the beaches so you can go whenever you like. Countryside to die for. I love this town!


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