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    How to find the cheapest MOT and car...

    Advertisement Feature Has that time of the year come around when your vehicle is in need of its annual service or MOT? How much do you usually...

    By AdFeatures at 13:04 on 18/01/13, 0 comments

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    The best coffee bars in Rome and Barcelona

    Advertorial feature If there's one thing you're sure to find easily while on holiday in mainland Europe, it's an excellent cup of coffee. Being...

    By AdFeatures at 08:36 on 15/01/13, 0 comments

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    The finest fun you can have on a sofa bed...

    Advertisement Feature Christmas is the best time to bond with your family. It's all about vegging out with your nearest and dearest and...

    By AdFeatures at 08:15 on 19/12/12, 0 comments

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    Refurbishing Your House

    ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE If you are considering redecorating or refurbishing your house in the Barnstaple area, this may be the time to do so as...

    By AdFeatures at 12:44 on 20/11/12, 0 comments

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    PokerStars Save Over 300 Jobs in Full Tilt...

    ADVERTORIAL FEATURE News of PokerStars' buyout of Full Tilt Poker came as some relief to 200 workers in the Pocket King Dublin Offices....

    By AdFeatures at 12:50 on 01/11/12, 0 comments

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    Borrowing money quickly

    ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE There can be various times in life when you need to borrow money quickly. As many things can be unexpected, it helps to...

    By AdFeatures at 11:34 on 10/10/12, 0 comments

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    Team PokerStars PROS

    ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE PokerStars is the world's largest online poker room, averaging more than eight billion hands played each year. With...

    By AdFeatures at 15:13 on 03/10/12, 0 comments

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    The Refined and Elegant Islay Scotch Whisky

    ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE A tiny piece of land, lying in the southernmost region of Scotland is the Islay. It has provided some excellent...

    By AdFeatures at 17:39 on 01/10/12, 0 comments

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    Top 5 Tips for Rebranding Your Business

    ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Rebranding is about reinvigorating your business – making it fresh, different, unique or modern. But there are...

    By AdFeatures at 16:58 on 28/09/12, 0 comments

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    Thermal Clothing Get's Stylish

    ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE With the colder months closing in it will soon be time to reach for the thermals again, but do they have to be so dull...

    By AdFeatures at 16:53 on 28/09/12, 0 comments

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