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Full marks to Occupy Exeter, the group that camped outside Exeter Cathedral this week in protest against the growing gap between rich and poor.

Following their 200-strong march through Exeter city centre on Saturday they peacefully participated in Remembrance Sunday.

They are also honouring other commitments such as work which take a few of them at a time from the site, too.

They clearly do not mean to give any trouble and should receive our full support.

Their intention is to stay indefinitely. Too right - they need to be sure that no false promises are made by government. They want to see some laws actually passed to address this problem.

This group is only one of what is now turning into a global movement for change.


By grouch_ball at 22:52 on 15/11/11

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    See that the Occupy movement met in Barnstaple on Friday to discusss implications for Barnstaple of their worldwide protests against inequality.

    Full marks for what the organiser decided at the meeting - that there will be an Occupy Barnstaple facebook page as well as an independent website.

    Good to see something starting in Barnstaple on this. I hoped and thought it would happen.

    Am only sorry that Andy Redwood did not contact Barnstaple People.

    If I had known about the meeting I would have gone to it.

    It seems only 15 people went from Barnstaple - I'm sure if it had had wider publicity many more people would have gone.

    By grouch_ball at 13:21 on 08/12/11

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    I think it's a real shame that the people at other UK camps have been threatened with eviction. It does not say much for democracy in this country.

    I was touched when I saw Occupy using the Slogan 'What Would Jesus Do?' at St Paul's Cathedral in the news.

    I think church leaders should give them full backing at these locations and actually be out there in the street preaching from the gospel supporting their movement.

    Why should decent people through no fault of their own have to be on the dole and ending up in slave-labour minimum wage part-time jobs while the rich still carry on having the life of Larry as if nothing's happened?

    I know of one financier in Barnstaple on a fantastic income who goes off to his house abroad for a 3-month holiday every year.

    Not much punishment going to the financiers in this crisis is there?

    By Buzzy_Biddy at 14:34 on 08/12/11

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    Occupy Plymouth have moved to a disused Job Centre building from their location near the University. They have gained legal entry to the building and have not caused any criminal damage. They are being tenacious - great stuff.

    Occupy Barnstaple have a facebook page under Andy Redfern. He's put up a very thought provoking video which basically explains what the global movement against corporate greed and inequality Occupy is all about.

    By grouch_ball at 19:00 on 14/12/11

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    I back the Occupy movement so long as it continues to be peaceful in its protest.

    I never saw any harm in them setting up camp on the Cathedral Green. I think the Cathedral was the ideal place.

    It's great news to see that the new dean to be of Exeter Cathedral, Canon Jonathan Draper has said that he supports the Occupy Exeter protest movement against inequality and wants to take part in its discussions and debates.

    This is the stance I believe the Church should take in this matter.

    I felt in the beginning that the Church was sitting in the middle but Canon Draper's comments today make me happier.

    By the_brief at 19:24 on 15/12/11

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    I'm pretty disgusted to see that the Occupy Exeter camp was, according to the protestors, attacked with fireworks last night with one person having to be pulled out of a smoke-filled tent hit by a firework.

    An evil act of cowardice if ever there was one.

    The great thing is it will help to strengthen the Occupy cause.

    By Buzzy_Biddy at 19:11 on 17/12/11

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    Exeter Cathedral has today broken its promise to work with the Occupy peaceful protestors and is telling them to leave.
    I feel ashamed to be a Christian today because of it.
    I sincerely hope that Christian members of the public boycott Exeter Catherdral in moral protest.
    We've had politicians fiddling expenses, there are police officers in the force serving across the country with criminal records, there are fat cats at the top of large corporations eating up small businesses and fiddling their taxes depriving the state of funds - this is all only the tip of the iceberg in corrupt, unequal Britain.
    The poorest are paying the price.
    And the Church wants to silence the few people with both the moral conscience and bravery to challenge the status quo and get Britain back to some semblance of goodness.
    Shame on Exeter Cathedral.
    Time for Christ to descend again and turn over the tables of the money changers!

    By Buzzy_Biddy at 15:57 on 12/01/12

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    Let's also spare a thought tonight for Occupy Exeter facing 3 freezing nights outside Exeter Cathedral. The Church may have turned its back on them trying to evict them but their courage and determination will see them pop up elsewhere in their fight against an unequal society that has currently lost its way.

    By the_brief at 18:41 on 30/01/12

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    Yes and read this intelligent, well informed and thought provoking statement from Occupy Exeter posted on the This Is Exeter news website

    By Buzzy_Biddy at 18:49 on 30/01/12


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